MIFF: Weiner



In 2011, the unfortunately named US Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught in a sexting scandal. Two years on, he returns to politics in a bid to become mayor of New York City.

"Weiner" is a brutally candid documentary that gives us extraordinary fly-on-the-wall footage and compelling insight into the world of media and politics. The scene is set in its brilliant opening sequence, where archival footage is cleverly patched together to bring the audience up to speed. From this point onward we witness a series of remarkable of events. The man is a surprisingly passionate and charismatic politician who cannot control his scandalous behaviour. His psyche is publicly questioned and we are auspiciously privy to the consequences of his actions. Insert 'weiner' joke here.

Anthony Macali

MIFF 2016
Madman Entertainment 96 mins