The Lego Movie 2

Animation Active Adventure


Aliens in the form of Lego Duplo arrive from outer space to wreak havoc on Bricksburg.

In "The Lego Movie 2" the spark is replaced with sparkles, relying on dazzling visuals and a frenetic pace to captivate the audience. Surprisingly, it's the absence of an underlying moral compass that was prominent in the first instalment that we miss the most. This film is overrun by random adventures and catchy pop songs, which a younger audience might not necessarily disapprove of, but does become stale very quick. While the well-tried formula may be wearing thin, the absolute whir of colour and creativity remains impressive as a sheer kinetic spectacle. Everything's not awesome but that's OK.

Anthony Macali

Wide Release 21st March 2019
Roadshow Films 107 mins