Ready Player One

Adventure Action Sci-Fi


The creator of a virtual world called 'OASIS' leaves three hidden keys hidden in his universe, with the first player to find the Easter eggs awarded ownership of his vast legacy.

No film before it has captured the video game universe better than "Ready Player One". Set in the near-future, virtual reality has unsurprisingly come to the forefront, and the director exhibits an incredibly visceral experience with extraordinary scope and visual effects. Nostalgists will revel in the abundance of pop culture, an in-game bonus which neatly complements the narrative and enhances the appeal of the program. Once you're logged in, the running-time scoots by, immersing the audience in the limitless fun and action shared by the players relentlessly competing for the preservation of their online realm. Play again.

Anthony Macali

Wide Release 29th March 2018
Roadshow Films 140 mins