Only the Animals

Crime Drama Mystery


A woman vanishes in the isolated countryside, just as a snowstorm hits. It becomes apparent that several people are linked to her, and their secrets are gradually revealed.

In a remote and wintry French landscape, an investigation ensues after a woman's car is found abandoned with no sign of her. Creating a Venn diagram of sorts, five people are unwittingly linked to her, and their separate narratives of the circumstances leading up to, and following, her disappearance make up the intricate and engrossing plot of this film. The overlapping stories reveal and explain the inherent sadness and loneliness within each of the characters and their relationships. Understated, atmospheric, and at times disturbing, this icy mystery thriller manages to sustain a very human heartbeat.

Wendy Slevison

Limited Release 21st January 2021
Hi Gloss Entertainment 118 mins