Mortal Kombat

Action Adventure


Lord Raiden seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to defend the realm from the threat of Outworld.

"Mortal Kombat" is a film made almost exclusively for fans, paying homage to its video game origins and the notoriously graphic violence that made it so revered. The action sequences are unashamedly impressive and brimming with battle-splatter, replete with signature fight moves and trademark fatalities delivered in all their gruesome glory. Unfortunately there's little else in-between, as characters stumble through an utterly lacklustre screenplay that takes itself way too seriously before it's time to fight again. Thankfully, indispensable comic relief arrives in the form of scene-stealing 'Aussie gronk' Kano, helping to distract from the banal pseudo-mythology storyline. Get over here!

Andrew O'Dea

Wide Release 22nd April 2021
Universal Pictures 110 mins