Molly's Game

Biography Crime Drama


The true story of Molly Bloom, a world-class moguls skier who becomes a high-stakes poker hostess.

"Molly's Game" is a mile-a-minute account of one of the most exclusive table games in the world. Molly is a no-fuss opportunist who brilliantly employs her intelligence, along with some of her other 'assets', to profit from astoundingly wealthy clients. It's easy to get swept up in the glamour, as the film does a satisfying job portraying poker fundamentals and the extraordinary facts of the story. As the games slow down, so does our excitement, and while the moments in-between may be a little contrived, they do deliver bouts of razor-sharp dialogue that are both poignant and fun. Molly wins.

Anthony Macali

Wide Release 1st February 2018
Entertainment One Films 140 mins