Love Sarah

Comedy Drama Romance


Four people work together to open a bakery, bringing to life the dream of the eponymous, late Sarah.

This British film, set in charming Notting Hill in London, tells a story of finding purpose amidst loss and grief. An unlikely quartet join together and commit to bringing to reality the dream of their dead daughter/mother/friend/ex-partner - a bakery they name 'Love Sarah.' Throughout the process, fractured relationships are healed and wonderful new ones are formed. Strong, sincere performances prevent over-sentimentality and the visual feast of baked goods, provided by one of London's most famous chefs, will have your mouth watering. This feature debut is an enjoyable and heartwarming exploration of connection and cooking - a delightful sweet treat!

Wendy Slevison

Limited Release 2nd July 2020
Rialto Distribution 98 mins