I Feel Pretty



After a spin-class accident, a woman wakes up believing she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Despite looking the same as she always has.

Whilst not quite the side-splitting comedy it pertains to be, "I Feel Pretty" still manages something more profound and refreshing; dismantling preconceived ideas about confidence, beauty, and the perception and judgement of others. It poses the question, "how would you truly act if your deepest insecurities assuaged/allayed?". Despite some pacing issues, there's genuine heart to be found, thanks in no small part to its grounded leads and occasionally ham-fisted subject matter. It may be less of a comedy and more of a self-help film, but there's still something that makes you walk away feeling pretty... good.

Stefan Sgarioto

Wide Release 26th April 2018
Entertainment One Films 110 mins