David Brent: Life on the Road



David Brent, former star of the British TV Series 'The Office', is followed by a camera crew once again as he begins a self-funded musical tour.

"David Brent" ditches the office for the open road, and unleashes a barrage of cringe-worthy humour and a tortuous album of political incorrectness. The mockumentary style still works, where shrewd cutaways to the embarrassed support crew continually highlight the outrageous behaviour of the wannabe rockstar. It's a difficult role to play, yet the overweening performance is a convincing one, successfully riding that fine line between funny and offensive. Predictable and ultimately heart-warming, this tailored comedy won't draw a huge crowd, but it does beat a desk job.

Anthony Macali

Wide Release 25th August 2016
Entertainment One 96 mins