MIFF: Beware the Slenderman



In 2014, two twelve year old girls lure their best friend into the woods to murder her in an attempt to impress the fictional internet meme known as 'Slenderman'.

"Beware the Slenderman" is a confronting and heartbreaking look into a true crime story like no other. Crafted around the mythology of 'Slenderman' - a faceless boogeyman who stalks his victims - the documentary builds an intriguing case study that ultimately takes on more than it can handle. In an attempt to dissect such a shocking attack, it examines themes from the impressionability of youth to mental illness; exploring the dark recesses and psychology of internet culture, while simultaneously detailing the extraordinary events of the previous two years. It's extremely gripping and traumatizing, but beware... it isn't pleasant viewing.

Stefan Sgarioto

MIFF 2016
114 mins