Avengers: Infinity War

Comic Action Adventure Fantasy


The Avengers and their allies face the most dangerous threat to the universe of their time.

The sheer scope of "Avengers: Infinity War" is dizzying, audaciously weaving countless narratives and heroes amid an action extravaganza. The result is unbridled revelry with so many beloved and disparate elements of the cinematic universe united in their fight against one of the most grandly menacing villains of a generation. The pace is unrelenting, an intense and visceral bombardment of witty interplay, epic battles and tumultuous heartbreak. It's an extraordinary payoff to the emotional investment fans have given the characters to this point; a culmination but not a finale, satisfying while leaving us desperate for more. To infinity, and beyond.

Andrew O'Dea

Wide Release 25th April 2018
Walt Disney Studios 149 mins