I Have A Dream Foundation Oregon

The Dreamers, who are currently 5th graders, participate in our After School Programming, which is a combination of academic support and skill building as well as enrichment opportunities, several days a week. During this session some of the Dreamers participated in an imovie mini course in which they learned about and then created their own stop motion films.

After watching a wide variety of examples the Dreamers got into director pairs and created a story which they then filmed using Mac laptops. Since there wasn't a camera available each film was originally 'shot' using the Photo Booth application on the laptops (which is why some of the words in scenes are backwards) and then finished in the iMovie program. The directors were responsible for creating their story, backgrounds, photos, and adding in sound effects, music, and voice over.

This was an exciting opportunity for the Dreamers because it enabled them to further develop their computer skills, learn to use and operate several applications on the computer, and it also allowed them to express themselves in a highly creative manner in a team oriented setting.


Hi, our names are Abdi and Royelle. And we are going to tell you about our film What Happened in San Francisco. We felt happy about our film because we both did a good job and put a lot of details in it.

One of the challenges was making SpongeBob do a back flip and a front flip. Another challenge, the hardest, was making SpongeBob do a back flip onto Ercal the alien because we had to tie a string to help move him and he always fell off. Something special about our video is that there is a lot of action and some kids like action, like us.

The best thing about our video is how we did the back clip and the front flip and how we used a lot of props, doing that added a lot of details. This was the first, and best, movie we have ever done together and we'd love to do another one.

By Abdi & Royelle

We are Venus and Vanesia and when we made our video, The TTI, we were excited.

I know you are wondering why it is called TTI Lost My BFF. It is because if you watch the video you can see that there are two dogs who are best friends forever (bff) and it means The Time I Lost My Best Friend. I know the video doesn't make sense but that is because we didn't get to finish it because we only had two days to work on it and the others had four.

What is special about our film are the two dogs (they are based on actual dogs in real life), they are a Shitzu and a Shitzu Maltese. Muffin is the white and brown dog in the video and Smokey is the black one. We were delighted to make our film and we love Vanesia's two dogs.

By Venus & Vanesia

When we created this film we wanted something about falling so we called it Mystery of Falling Off an Island.

What is special about our film is that is has different characters, meaning animals instead of humans. We thought it was easy making the movements of our characters. Some of the challenges were making the set and choosing the background music. That was hard because there was a lot of music we liked.

The characters names are Freddie the Fish, Ashley the Bunny and Bob the Duck. We liked our movie because it has a lot of weird sounds and music. We were pleased that we actually finished it in the amount of time that we had.

We would be happy to make another movie because it was so much fun, we really liked doing the voices, taking the photos and moving the characters. We hope you will watch and like our movie. By Istella & Maddie

Dumb Fireman is a mini film about an elephant stuck on top of a building that's on fire. The firemen come to the rescue they forget to put out the fire!

A challenge that arose in the making of the film was the sound effects. If we put one sound in another disappeared. We finally agreed to add a little at a time and it happened to work. We were happy about how we made some of the characters look like they were flying. At some point though, we had to show our hands so we named them Magic Hand #1 and #2.

The cool thing about our video is that it's inspired by Dumbo. We got the idea when we saw a finger puppet in the shape of an elephant and a vehicle that looked like a fire truck. (it later turned out to be a double decker bus).

We had fun making this film and would like to make another film, maybe a spin on Rapunzel.
By Esmeralda & Havana

Our film, Dreamland, is awesome and we took lots of steps to create it.

Our first step was to find the characters. We chose Salt Man, Squiggly Grey Guy, Dolphin, Ostrich and Swan because they are the funny ones. After we found our characters we based our story on what we thought the characters would look funny doing.

Our film is special because of who we are, meaning that we used our sense of humor and our ideas. What worked well was our technique for spinning Salt Man around and around, it looked very real. We were also pleased that Salt Man flew and fell and it looked realistic and not fake. Some challenges were when we showed characters moving we had to move them just a tiny bit each time or it would look messed up.

We love our movie because it's funny and has great characters. We hope you enjoy it!
By Nika & Sierra.

Our movie is called Transformers By Us. We worked on it for about a week.

We thought that the fight scenes worked well, like someone was filming it live and not like we took pictures, like we actually did. Also the sounds effects worked really well, especially the Megatron screeching. Using the string to control Megatron, to make his head fall off, worked really well too because you couldn't see the string an it looked really good.

We also really liked the photos of us at the end when the Transformers attacked us. We would love to act in a stop motion film. We would do one of us getting attacked by Transformers and call it "Transformers By Us, Revenge of the Decepticons."

At the beginning we didn't really know what we were doing but by the end we did and it turned out. We really like it and think its good.
By Andrew & Benjamin